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The ingredients in these recipes are in both imperial and metric measurements. There is also a printable Conversion Tables to refer to.


Bean and barley soup
Chick pea soup
Pea soup             
Split red lentil soup

Main Courses

Casseroles, bakes and savoury dishes
Baked aubergines

Brown lentil loaf
Cheesy bean pot
Cottage pie
Pinto bean hotpot
Spicy lentil casserole
Vegetable casserole with dumplings

Rice and pasta dishes
Fried rice
Pasta with tomato, butter and basil sauce  

Quorn curry 
Spaghetti Bolognese
Stir-fried vegetables
Tagliatelli with garlic, mushroom and wine sauce

Pastry, quiches and batter recipes
Broccoli and mushroom quiche
Old fashioned cheese pie     
Savoury pancakes
Two pepper potato pie



Easy seeded bread


Apple and chick pea salad    
Avocado salad
Carrot, cashew nut and apple salad

Chinese salad
Hot bean salad
Warm mushroom salad

Vegetable side dishes

Broccoli au gratin
Broccoli with lemon crumbs and roasted garlic    
Cabbage with onions
Cauliflower cheese
Cauliflower with sultanas and onions     
Oven chips
Pan fried potatoes in poppy seeds    
Roast potatoes and parsnips
Sprouts with onions
Two beans in sesame

Sauces and dressings

French dressing
Mustard sauce
Onion and mushroom gravy
Smoked cheese sauce


Shortcrust pastry

Easy seeded bread

Chinese Dishes

This new section to the web site introduces the art of basic Chinese cooking, which we feel goes hand in hand with vegetarian food, being low in fat and cholesterol.

The Chinese consume far more bean curd (tofu) and Soya in their diets than we do in the West and this could account for the fact that they do not suffer heart disease or strokes and have never heard of a hot flush!!

Along with all the health benefits, the explosion of taste achieved with small amounts of ingredients is unbelievable.

Authentic sauces, available only at Chinese supermarkets, give stronger flavours. Watch out for Oyster Sauce, there is a non vegetarian one and a vegetarian one.

Tofu in yellow bean sauce    
Vegetables in oyster sauce

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